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A Memorial page to WTA Members that have passed on.

Chuck Matyska 1942 – 2021.

   Chuck’s passion was the outdoors. He married his wife Marti in 1969. They bought forty acres in Underhill Township, enjoying the rural life at their hobby farm for over fifty years. Chuck and Marti have two children Kate and Mary. 

   Chuck was avid traditional bowhunter...locally and in the Western states. He went bowhunting for elk every year with his brothers, and he was a Pope and Young record holder. 

   A dedicated outdoorsman, he not only hunted, but also fished and developed habitat for birds, butterflies, and animals. A strong conservationist, Chuck was honored by Senator Herb Kohl for his work. As a long-time member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Foundation, he served on the board as an officer and president.

   He also volunteered as a board member of the Wisconsin Traditional Archers, and was vice president/treasurer and co-founder of the Wisconsin Bowhunting Heritage Foundation Museum. 

Passing on traditions was important to Chuck. He taught young people how to make and shoot long bows, was a certified archery instructor, and earlier in his life, a boy scout leader. 

Chuck will be deeply missed by the traditional archery community. In his brother’s words, “Chuck lived life as we all should, in honesty and humbleness.” 

Michael John Hoffman - Ci:hkwa:nahkwat (Meteor Cloud That Makes is Clear) passed away at home in the loving arms of his wife, Karen Ann on April 5, 2019. Mike was born February 6, 1950, the son of Raymond Felix Hoffman and Delores Arnott Hoffman.

   A Menominee and Ottawa descendant, Mike was Cultural Advisor and Consultant to the Menominee Clans Story, a collection of carvings by his cousin, the late James Frechette Jr. A fluent speaker of the Menominee Language, Mike taught Menominee language classes with his adopted Grandmother, Wahsecewan, the late Lillian Nelson. He spoke about language and culture at many venues across the State. Over a 30 year period, Mike researched many of the original Menominee Place names for sites across areas of Menominee occupation. In 2013 Mike released “Kae:yas-Mama:ceqtawak Kaehke:wae:hcekan” (Ancient-Movers, full of Life, Marked Thing So That You Will Know It), or The Menominee Place Names Map. Released on-line and in print in conjunction with the Menominee Clans Story at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, this map recalls some of the Original Place Names Menominee People used throughout their homeland.

   A lifelong traditional bow hunter, Mike lived with the land, hunting, trapping, sugaring, gathering and gardening. As an artist, he worked with paint on stone and ceramics as well as functional art like wooden yokes, spoons, drums and ladles. Mike enjoyed train travel and visiting with his far flung family of artists at Native Art shows across the country.

   I first met Mike at an early Wisconsin Traditional Archers Fall Hunt (either the 1st or 2nd) held at Mather, Wisconsin. We have been friends every since that time. Mike made some self bows, on in particular, was made from an ironwood stave. Iron wood is a very hard wood to work with but the bow was very nice construction. Mike was on the board of directors for the WTA for a number of years. When I got off as chair for the fall hunt Mike took it over. Mike and Phil have been doing the fall hunt for many years. Every year when we pulled into Big Muskie Campground, Mike would say get some rocks to put under the fire ring to give the fire some air. Then he would get the firewood crew together to get the wood for the hunt. The firewood had to be put on the fire just the right way to keep the smoke going up straight into the air. The Saturday, 1pm feast always went off at 1pm sharp. If you were late you heard about it. Mike gave the Indian prayer at the hunt and at our WTA Banquets for may years.

   A tradition was started shooting an arrow off when a person passes away. This is done at the hunt so it was for members that came to the hunt. All of the arrows shot at the same place. This year we will shoot an arrow for Mike. He will be missed by family and friends.

   Goodbye Mike,

George Henrich Sr.

Scott Montgomery 59 years of age and current WTA board member passed away on March 7th,2019. Scott resided in New Berlin, WI and joined Ojibwa Bowhunters of Milwaukee in 2010 and served on the board of directors in 2017. A lifelong hunter and outdoorsman Scott was happiest among his many friends flinging arrows or laughing by a campfire.

   He had a smile and warm handshake for all who had the opportunity to spend time with him. Scott was always ready and willing to help on any club project or event as he was one of those individuals that keeps our traditional community vibrant and ongoing. His departure from our midst has left us in deep sadness but also recognition of our good fortune to be a part of his all to brief life.

Karl J. Herman

Madison, Wisconsin

born  February 10, 1958

died January 8, 2019

60 years of age



Karl was a graduate of Madison East High School where he was a standout wrestler. He went on to become a proud owner of Herman Landscape Service, along with his two brothers and a brother-in-law, a business that his father started and passed on to them. Karl was truly gifted and artistic through his landscape vision as well as a great mentor. Karl was passionate about family, friends and many hobbies including fishing, traditional archery, collecting and carving decoys, garage sales, trips to Door County, and especially hunting. Deer camp in Douglas County will never be the same! Karl could be found at most of the Wisconsin Traditional Archers’ events and banquet. He was easily spotted with a huge smile and friendly demeanor as he greeted fellow archers.

Daniel E. Kohler

Plover, WI

born March 10, 1946

died February 9, 2019

72 years of age


Daniel Kohler was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point with a Bachelors degree in Forestry. Dan married his best friend, Pat. They celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2018. Dan was an avid sportsman. He was passionate about conservation and the great outdoors. He loved hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing and gardening. Dan joined Wisconsin Traditional Archers in the late 1990’s. He could be found shooting his longbow at traditional shoots across Wisconsin. He joined the Issac Walton League Conservation club in 1986 serving as Chapter President from 1994- 1995 and 2001-2002.

He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others including teaching fly tying, Traditional Archery, and hunters’ safety.

Dan was a great story-teller, striking up a conversation with anyone at any time.

Joe Huber
Wausau, Wisconsin
born December 14, 1945
died October 27, 2018
72 years of age

 Joe spent his entire adult life in archery and it was all with traditional equipment. Joe bought a new Wing Thunderbird Hunter bow September 26, 1968 from Ed Schultz Archery in Wausau for $79.95 and the Family still has the receipt. Joe did all his hunting and most of his target archery with that bow. The only time he unstrung the bow was to put on a new String that I would make for him. He shot many whitetail deer in Wisconsin. Joe also shot mule deer and one bull elk in Colorado. Joe also shot Archery Golf for many years, and won many times in the Traditional Class. Joe always gave back to Archery (his sport) with working with the youth. Most of the time was spent at Rib Mountain Bowmen with new youth shooters, Boy and Girl Scouts, church groups and most recently a High School class at the Club. Joe was a long-time member of Wisconsin Bowhunters, Wisconsin Traditional Archers, and his real love and devotion was the Rib Mountain Bowmen. He was a member from 1961 until his death. He served on the Board for many years and was the President for many years. Joe was also one of 3 members that started the Summer Broached League at Wausau Rib Mountain Bowmen in 1970. The League still is running today. If someone wanted to know something about the RMB Club they would always say, “Ask Joe”. It really was Joe’s Club for all those years. It has been a tradition to shoot an arrow off at the Fall Hunt for a past WTA member that attended the Hunt. I will be making the arrow for Joe and if able will shoot his arrow off for the last time at this year’s Hunt. Joe will be missed by his Family and all of his Archery friends. I just hope that Joe will save me a great Deer Stand when I get there. Your Old and Long-time Bowhunting  and  Archery  Buddy George Henrich Sr.

Ronald J (Ron) Wood

Mosinee, Wisconsin

born December 11, 1956

died October 28, 2017

60 years of age


Ron was a member of Rib Mountain Bowmen and a member of Wisconsin Traditional Archers. Ron was a regular at the WTA Annual Fall Hunt. He was known for bringing two kayaks along on top of his Jeep and encouraging others to take a paddle on the water. Ron was an all around athletic man. Skiing, was his winter passion, finishing the legendary American Birkebeiner ski race 25 times! He would camp in his familiar little orange tent at the WTA Fall Hunt. Pitching in and lending a hand with any camp activity with a friendly smile was just Ron, cutting fire wood, water hauling, shelter building, etc. He had an extensive collection of traditional bows that he picked up here and there, often gifting one of these bows to an archer in need. Ron shot a variety of different traditional bows. He enjoyed crafting of various items. Ron admired Aldo Leopold the father of ecology and followed his land ethics.He lived in Rhinelander most of his early life. His famous beer chile was his signature dish brought to gatherings. Everywhere Ron went he was greeted warmly with handshakes and hugs by those who had met him. Measure not a man by the size or amount of horns hanging on his wall, but by the size of his heart. 

Linn Nelson0001.jpg

Linn C. Nelson, age 75
Passed Away, November 14, 2015

    If you ever traveled to archery shoots with Wisconsin or out of state IBO Shoots you most certainly would have at some point met Mr. Linn C. Nelson. Linn was an excellent shot and a fierce competitor. He favored his old Slim Line Wing take down Recurve above all else. Some of us called him the man with the black bow. Upon seeing a friend Linn would light up with a big smile and give you’re a hearty hand shake. He was not shy about helping others and felt it was always important to promote archery. If he saw you have a form deficiency he would offer up advice. If you were especially close, the advice would come with some sort of joking remark.
Linn was also an avid archery collector and was constantly adding to his collection of archery antiques. Linn was always on the lookout for another Wing bow, and may have had one of the best collections of Wings to be found. Linn was a member of Big Foot Archers, the Wisconsin Traditional Archers, and the Hawaiian North Shore Long Board Long Bowmen.
While in the woods, Linn Nelson passed away from a heart attack on November 14, 2015 shortly after setting up his tree stand while preparing to hunt some public land in Adams County, Wisconsin. People tried to console each other by saying, “He died doing what he loved.” This is an absolute fact that I can attest to. Linn had been seeing a large buck in the area that he set up his stand. His friends in the area say he was really excited to be hunting and he thought he had the big one figured out.
Linn will be deeply missed by many, remembered for his friendship, humor, quick wit, completive nature, willingness to help others, and his love of the sport of archery.

Gene Seguin

Ellsworth, WI

born July 11, 1930

died December 19, 2016

86 years of age


Lifetime WTA member, Gene Seguin was known for his generosity. Gene served on the WTA Board from the Spring of 1994 through the Spring of 2000. As a Board member, Gene came up with the idea to waive shooting fees for youth at the WTA sponsored shoots. That idea was picked up by other clubs and still carries on today at many shoots.

Gene ran the youth raffles at the WTA banquets for many years. Gene was a master leather worker. He produced souvenir tags to commemorate the many Traditional Archery Shoots he attended. He also made quivers and arm guards which were freely given to young archers in need of equipment. Gene collected Root Bows, rarely displaying them. Gene helped out at many of the events from shoots to banquets. Gene would sleep in the back of his little pick-up truck at shoots. Once engaged in conversation, he would continue on until the subject was exhausted. He was knowledgeable about the history of Wisconsin. A small town in Northeastern Wisconsin bears his family name of Seguin. A private person, Gene preferred his picture not be taken, no photo available.

Robert F. (Bob) Gagnon

Whitefish Bay, WI

born January 15, 1954

died March 8, 2017

63 years of age




Bob was the official W.T.A. historian for several years. His photography skills were well known as top quality. Bob attended the W.T.A. Fall Hunt often. His Saturday night stories around the campfire were hilarious. We all came away with sore jaws from laughing! Bob shot one of the biggest black bears ever taken in Canada with his traditional bow. When Bob was around camp, you could count on bear sticks for treats and a tasty cake or his famous “Perkins pies” for dessert. Bob was a tool and die professional from the Milwaukee area. Bob’s last name, Gagnon, is one of the first French names in the State of Wisconsin. A brickyard in Green Bay still bears the name Gagnon. He was also a true friend to many in the archery world.


Howard Edwards

Oxford, WI

born July 5, 1942

died September 22, 2016

74 years of age



 Howard was the man with a plan. Form a traditional archery club for those who choose to only shoot self bows, recurves or long bows. Howard did not care to brag, yet simply said, “I was one of many who started the Wisconsin Traditional Archers.” Howard Edwards was the first Wisconsin Traditional Archers President.

Howard accomplished a feat most only dream about. He harvested a 10-point Whitetail buck from the ground using a self bow of his own making. Howard also made his own glass backed bows called, Challenger Bows. He hosted the self bow annual gathering welcoming young and old alike to use his shop and tools to create a self bow of their own. If you needed help, Howard would help you to get started of finish your own self bow.

Howard was a fixture at many archery events past before his health limited his ability to attend and shoot his bow. In many Wisconsin Traditional Archers minds’, he was our founder. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Larry Aamodt (aka Screaming Chicken)

Spring Valley, WI

Born February 3, 1943

Died January 11, 2016

72 years of age


 Larry farmed, operated Aamodts Archery, and worked as custodian at Spring Valley Schools retiring several years ago.  Larry passed away from a heart attack while in his archery shop. Those who knew Larry enjoyed his sense of humor and numerous projects and experiments.”  He was a talented artist and enjoyed painting and flint knapping.  He also had a passion for Native American culture.  He was also musically talented and played with the Short Brothers for a number years. Larry was affectionately known to his friends as Screaming Chicken.

Larry was known for his generosity and for promoting traditional archery to children, for his love of story-telling and his smile.

Earnest (Ernie) L. Appel
Born: November 9, 1926
Passed away January 16, 2015.  

Ernie Appel of Brookfield, Wisconsin age 88 years.Ernie was known as one of the finest crafters of reproduction Native American archery equipment.  His attention to every detail was exceptional.  Many have tried to duplicate the leather work, bead work, porcupine quill work, and bows and arrows of the North American Indian falling short of the superb artistic excellence that Ernie Appel achieved.  Often using natural materials instead of taking short cuts with moder
n man made materials, was Ernies passion.  Not only were the things Ernie created beautiful but very functional.  You could harvest any of the birds or animals archers today would pursue with the bows and arrows Ernie recreated.  Always would Ernie greet you with his big warm smile and pleasant demeanor. Ernie attended many archery shoots around the state.  He could often be seen with his life long chums John McDonald, the late Lamont Granger, the late Kenny Kopesel, and the late Bob Makosky, just to name a few of Ernies friends.

David (Dave) A. Lyon
Born: July 18, 1941 - Passed away  August 16, 2013

Dave was born in Waupun, Wisconsin. He attended Waupun schools. From 1960-1964 he served his country in the U.S. Airforce.

Dave worked for Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a correctional officer in many of the local correctional facilities and Central State Hospital.

Dave was a member NRA, Wisconsin Muzzleloaders Association, Wisconsin Traditional Archers, Rock River Archeology, Juneau Rod and Gun Club, American Legion Post 210, and the World Atlatl Association. Dave had many articles published in “Backwoodsman Magazine” and other magazines.

He always liked attending traditional archery shoots. He enjoyed the meetings and banquets of Wisconsin Traditional Archers. Dave always said he would never shoot a bow with training wheels.

Dave enjoyed creating things and even made his own handles for the knives he put together. He also made leather and beaded knife sheaths for his favorite ones.

Paul Edward Gorton

Born: June 21, 1945

Died: December 30, 2012

Age: 67


Paul Edward Gorton, 67, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on Sunday, December 30, 2012, at St. Luke's Hospital, Cedar Rapids.

He married Marie Lentz on January 15, 1966, in Newport, Rhode Island. Paul was recently retired and was a former owner of Trace Machine and Tools in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. Paul loved spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoyed archery, building bows, hunting, the Green Bay Packers, going on walks and being in the woods.

Paul attended the annual WTA Fall Hunt for several years. He invented a small game head in his machine shop business. The solid steel head had a built in washer for a stopper, Paul shared his creation with several members of the Wisconsin Traditional Archers.

Kenneth A. (Kenny) Koepsel           

Muskego, Wisconsin  

Born November 24th 1928

Died November 25th 2012

84 years of age                                           

Ken and his wife Bev had three daughters, Vicky, Kim and Michele. Ken was a Korean War veteran, mason, cabinet maker, and life long bartender at Ray & Dots Tap in Greendale, Wi.         

Kenny was a man of honor and integrity. His word and a handshake was what he lived by. He was a true classic in the archery world. Often seen at many archery events around the country Ken would have a very impressive display of archery equipment   spread out for sale on several tables. If you eaves dropped in on the conversation between Kenny and a potential customer you might have heard, (“you’re killing me here, I’m not going to make a dime, I’ll be lucky if I have gas money to get home.”) Then a few moments later you might have seen Kenny Koepsel give a bow free of charge to some boy or girl who didn’t have money enough to purchase one for themselves. He truly had a soft side and a big heart. His impressive knowledge of archery equipment as well as the ability to teach proper archery skills to anyone in need of help will be missed. He loved the outdoors and hunting.

Alan (Al) G. Andersen        

Born April 5th 1948                                                          

Died February 1st 1998

49 years of age 
Friendship, Wisconsin

Al served his country during the Vietnam War as member of the United States Marine Corps. He was married to Nora Hallick and lived in Adams Friendship, Wisconsin at the time of his passing. Alan was Vice President of INX International Ink Co.  Al was a Rock and Roll singer and guitarist playing in his own local band. Camouflage toilet paper for sale was a patent that Al held and laughed about. He was also a master self bowyer, producing many excellent looking and shooting bows. Al sold his beautiful bows for a very reasonable fee so even the poorest man or woman could afford one. A impressive shop full of hundreds of arrows and many collectable bows from around the country and the world were some of Al’s archery holdings.His shop contained many machines used in the manufacturing of his self bows. He was a crack shot with the bow and arrow. Al was observed many times laughing and smiling while hitting the mark of whatever target he chose at distances that most archers would not attempt. Daily target practice for form was routine for Al. Several times Al put on a traditional three D shoot on his property in Adams Friendship, Wisconsin. He attended the WTA Annual Fall Hunt where he enjoyed camping and making friends. 

Lamont A. Granger

Born Dec. 5, 1947   Died September  2011

Resided in Rochester, MN


Lamont was the proprietor of The Footed Shaft, a traditional archery shop until January 2011, where he continued his lifelong passion of traditional bow hunting. Lamont was well known for his knowledge, passion, and dedication to traditional archery.


A memorial service was be held for Lamont A. Granger of Rochester on Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, at 4 p.m. at Ranfranz and Vine Funeral Homes' Chapel in Rochester. A visitation was held from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.


Survivors include his beloved wife, Denise (Young) Granger, of 43 years; his mother, Phyllis Granger of Viroqua, Wis.; brother, Wilbert Granger of Necedah, Wis.; his two daughters, Danika (Andy) Bridwell of Illinois and Danielle (William) Fenton of California; and son, Dane Granger of Rochester. He is also survived by his two grandchildren, Alexandra and Anderson Bridwell.

Robert (Bob) MaKosky

Born March 25, 1930   Died October 15, 2008  (age 78)

Resided in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, formerly of Escanaba, MI


Bob was a longbow shooter, prefering to shoot a bow made by his brother-in-law, John McDonald of Big River bows. Bob made his own cedar arrows. He was known for his fine arrow craftsmanship.


Bob attended most of the WTA shoots as well as few out of state. He shot on the Traditional League at Antlers Archers of Kellner, WI. Bob enjoyed a cup of coffee in the company of others at the clubhouse on traditional night. He was also active in setting up and removing the 3-D targets  for the club’s Annual Summer Traditional Shoot.


Bob collected Marble knives made in his hometown of Escanaba, MI.

He enjoyed camping with his brother-in-law, John McDonald, the late Lamont Granger and Ernie Appel and a few other friends on their annual Central Wisconin Fall Hunt.

Clemance B. Finstad Jr. of Red Wing passed away at 8:35 a.m. Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Clem was born in Ellsworth on Oct. 20, 1933, to Clemance B. and Bernardine S. (Schneider) Finstad. He married Frances E. Gordon on Nov. 20, 1959. Clem served in the Army and then the Air Force Reserve for a total of 8 years. He worked as an electrician until he retired in 1997.

Clem enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. He was a life member of the NRA and built traditional hunting arrows and hunting knives as a hobby.

Clem is survived by his wife, Fran ces E. Finstad, Red Wing; a daughter, Kathryn A. (Ron) Strusz; two sons, Clemance B. Finstad III (Bud), Goodhue, and Michael J. Finstad, Zumbrota; nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren; a sister, Mary R. (Arthur) Drury, West Virginia.

A memorial service was held at 1 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, at the Zumbrota Rifle Range, 45440 200th Ave., Zumbrota, MN 55992, where Clem was a member

Clem died battling small cell cancer. He has donated himself to the Anatomy Bequest program at the University of Minnesota. Donations in his name can be sent to 3-005 Nils Hasselmo Hall, 312 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455.


Dr. Fredrick W. Kasch  

Born April 16, 1913   Died  April 8, 2008  (age 94)

Resided at San Diego, CA and Lake Geneva, WI


Fred manufactured his own archery equipment. He helped anyone who had an interest in traditional archery to also manufacture their own bows, arrows, strings, etc.

Fred was not a stand hunter, rather prefering to roam the woods often practicing his skill with a bow on stumps as he wandered.

Fred exercised continually throughout his life, he was in excellent shape. He could do eleven pull-ups at the age of 89. 20 push-ups was just a warm up for Fred before hitting the field to target shoot or hunt.

Fred attended the WTA annual Fall Hunt on several occasions often teaching archery crafting in camp. Fred was famous for his bow strings and bow string making classes.

He taught bow making at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point on one occasion.

Fred was also a featured speaker at one of our WTA banquets.

Fred was knows for his quick wit, followed by a wink of his eye.


A memorial was held for Fred at the WTA Fall Hunt following his death. A handcrafted all natural arrow was made by George Henrich, Sr., signed by all in attendance, and shot into the Great Northern Highlands State Forest out of a selfbow crafted by Phil Czjaka as his fellow WTA members looked on.

John F. Fletty

1938-2002 Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Died as the result of a boating accident.


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